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98 days to sell a property in Gauteng

98 Days To Sell A Property In Gauteng

98 days to sell a property in Gauteng.  That’s the national average to sell a property in Gauteng (98 days or 14 weeks) according to P24.

What affects the 98 days to sell a property in Gauteng?

  • Price brackets – the higher the price the longer it may take to sell a property.
  • The location of a property especially in areas where there is a high demand for property will ensure a faster sale.
  • A realistic and market-related asking price will help to sell a property quickly.

Does the demand for a suburb impact the time to sell?

Simply, if you currently live in a suburb where there is a high demand for homes then the time to sell may well be a little shorter than the national average, but not always.  If there is a general lack of interest in the area in which you are selling from buyers, then this will affect the time to sell.

Time to sell by area

According to P24 and Remax, l estate brands in Gauteng the average turnaround time for properties in specific areas is a little different, see below:

  • Johannesburg South, Alberton, and Germiston are between 4 and 8 weeks.
  • Properties over the R2million mark can take as long as 109 days (15 weeks and 4 days).
  • Properties priced between R1.7million and R1,999 can be much quicker to sell 39 days (5 weeks and 4 days).

A 14-week process

Nowadays, selling a property can take a little more time.  14 weeks to be exact.  You may be lucky and find yourself in a suburb where the interest and demand from potential buyers are high.  In other words, where the location is good and the asking price is set correctly, the time to sell can be much lower.

Either way, it’s clear that selling your home is impacted primarily by the asking price.  If the asking price is right, your property is in a good location and the demand is high, the worst-case scenario it seems is roughly 14 weeks.

Further considerations impacting the sale of a property

If you can honestly answer one or all the above points with a confident yes then bear with the process.  Rest assured, it will take a little more time and it could take as long as 14 weeks but you will sell your property.

How can we help?

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