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Find the best estate agency in Johannesburg

Find The Best Estate Agency In Johannesburg

If you are living in the Johannesburg area and you are looking for a top local real estate agent in your area, you will be astounded to find that Private Property has almost 3,500 estate agencies of various sizes with differing reputations listed on their site for the greater Johannesburg area.  Some of these estate agencies have over 85 estate agents of various caliber and experience working for them.  So, let’s assume that there is an average of 5 estate agents (low road) working for each of these almost 3,500 agencies.  That amounts to a staggering 17,500 estate agents.

How local real estate brands are spread across Jhb?

When you type in “estate agency Johannesburg” on Google, you will get mind-boggling results. It may be easier to search on P24 or Private Property and even then the 3,500 agencies in the Johannesburg area is pretty staggering.  Let’s take a look at where most of these offices are situated.

  • Estate agency Bedfordview – there are 163 agencies in the area with around 815 agents.
  • Estate agency Fourways, Sunninghill & Lonehill – have 400 agencies in this area with approximately 2,000 estate agents.
  • JHB CBD and Bruma – have 324 real estate brands and offices with around 1,620 house sales agents in the area.
  • JHB South which covers both Alberton and JHB South has 249 real estate agencies in the area with 1,245 estate agents for this big area.
  • Estate agencies in Lenasia to Ennerdale – has around 97 real estate companies with 485 agents to service the area.
  • Real estate agencies for North Riding to Lanseria – have 357 listed real estate companies servicing the area with approximately 1,785 agents for the area.
  • Agencies in Northcliff – has 269 real estate offices in this area with around 1,345 agents to service this area.
  • Real estate companies in Randburg and Ferndale – has 296 agencies with 1,480 estate agents.
  • Estate agencies Roodepoort – have 342 estate agencies in the area with about 1,710 agents to service Roodepoort.
  • Not to forget the estate agencies in Rosebank and Parktown – which have around 276 real estate offices with 1,380 agents to cover this area.
  • Also, estate agencies for Sandton and Bryanston – there are 505 agencies to cover this area with 2,525 real estate professionals to farm this area.
  • Finally, Soweto – has 128 agencies and counting in this area with around 640 agents and counting.

The do’s and don’ts of picking a top local real estate agent

Overwhelmed by the number of agents available?

Google “estate agency Johannesburg” and be prepared to be overwhelmed.  What you will find is that if you Google estate agencies for the area in which you live, this is equally overwhelming.  We recently covered in our blog content how to go about picking the best agent to sell your home and we gave you a few pointers to think about which we covered in an earlier article.

We also mentioned in an earlier article that 20% of the local real estate agents and also the top local real estate brands get 80% of all the property sales in Johannesburg.  80% of the estate agents in Johannesburg get around 20% of the property sales.

Find an estate agency in Johannesburg?

  • EA Connections is all about helping Sellers to connect with the top local real estate agents or property professionals in your area.
  • You see, we make it our business to find out and get to know who the brands are that we would work with on a personal level.
  • Also to note is that we make it our mission to meet and get to know the business owners of the estate agencies in Johannesburg.
  • We don’t work with all of them, only a select few.
  • We are often able to recommend more than one agency if you are looking for the fastest way to sell a house.
  • More often than not though, we will know exactly which agency will be perfect to help you sell your home fast and for the best possible price.

What we pride ourselves on

  • Delivering our Sellers, the very best quality agent which goes with superb service.
  • We understand the importance of a good track record.
  • EA Connections is independent, meaning we are not ‘married’ to a particular brand.
  • We work with ‘best-of-breed’.  This is based on a range of criteria that we seek in a service-related industry.
  • Looking for a good estate agency in Johannesburg?  We have already done the homework and we can help you connect in minutes.
  • We are effectively a middle man with no hidden costs to you if you are selling your property.
  • Also, the best local real estate agents will call you.  That allows you to spend more time doing life with those you love.
  • Finally, we know which business partners we can and would trust because our business depends on ethics.  We will connect you to brands and agents that we would invite into our personal homes.  That says a lot for our opinion of the top estate agencies in Johannesburg.  And, every agency we recommend comes with our stamp of approval.

In addition, we’ll refer you to the very best local real estate agents and the very best local real estate companies in your area, in our opinion.  In summary, if you are looking for an estate agency in Johannesburg, we can help you connect quickly.

Get connected in under 2 minutes

  • Click here to submit your details online.
  • Moreover, we’ll call you right back.  And, we’ll ensure that we understand your requirements which will largely determine who we can connect you with. Remember some transactions are more difficult than others.  We know which agencies go the extra mile to get your deal over the line, and with a good-natured attitude.

In summary, if you are you looking for an estate agency in Johannesburg to sell your home? Don’t delay; let us connect with the very best estate agency in the Johannesburg area in which you are selling.  EA Connections will connect you with top house sales agents today!

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