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Sell your home with a top house sales agent

Sell Your Home With A Top House Sales Agent

We cover why it is important if you are selling your home to work with prominent house sales agents in your area.  Especially, if you want to sell your home fast and for the best price.  As a business, EA Connections connect Sellers of residential properties with top house sales agents in your suburb.  But why work with a prominent estate agent when you decide to sell your home?

Get as much as 25% more when you sell

If you are thinking of selling your home yourself, by all means, go ahead.  It’s certainly not rocket science, but the reality is that in the USA, studies have shown that an experienced property professional can net as much as 25% more than a “for sale by owner” or FSBO.  So for around 5%+ you can net as much as 25% more when you sell.

Farming an area….

That’s right, house sales agents ‘farm’ an area.  An estate agent’s bread and butter is to know the area and the suburbs they choose to work in, really well.  In reality, when an agent brings a buyer to your property, they will use every opportunity to showcase your suburb and it’s benefits.  And seasoned agents will possibly have a buyer in mind for your property before they even list it for you.

A free valuation of your property from your house agent

It is easy enough to value your own property.  We have covered this topic quite extensively in the past.  Consider though the market we find ourselves in, which is a buyer’s market.  There is more stock on the market than there are buyers.  It’s imperative that your property is listed for the right asking price.  Getting to the right market-related price is key if you want to sell and sell fast.

The right asking price

Price it right and it will sell overnight.  Price it wrong and it takes long!  Currently, the average is around 98 days to sell a property in Gauteng.

An experienced house sales agent will get this right and that is the difference between a sale in 2 months or 12 months.  You do not want your property sitting on the market for 4+ months and still no sale.  Ask your agent for some input into their pricing strategy.  You want to know that once your property is listed that your agent will start receiving inquiries from potential buyers.  In fact, the 1st 2 weeks will give you a good indication as to the appetite from the market for your property.  Finally and not to labour the point, the asking price you set is your most important decision when you decide to sell.

Marketing your property to potential buyers online

Social media is a big drawcard here for your property agent.  Property 24 noted in a recent e-mail that search trends for January 2020 were significantly up on previous years.

Also, a potential buyer often knows exactly what they are looking for.  The number of bedrooms & bathrooms they need and the ‘updated look’ they are going for.  The quality of the kitchen (new or old), the size of the garden and the quality of the entertainment area.  Also, a buyer will know what they want in terms of proximity to schools, etc.  Many of these features can be viewed online through the major property portals.  So, make sure you have fabulous photos of your property when your property is listed online.

I mention this because a prominent estate agent that works an area well, will have a few buyers that could be very interested in viewing your property right as it goes onto the market.  And if great photos are taken of your property, inside and out, trust me the viewings will be higher than dark and dingy photos.  Also, a furnished home always looks better than an empty home.

A top house sales agent collaborates

Estate agents have business associates from within the same company.  Often more than one agent will work a big area like Bryanston, Randburg, Sandton, Fourways, Bryanston, Roodepoort, Alberton or even Krugersdorp.  Agents know how to work together to ensure that they get your home sold.  Social media plays a role here and agents are able to ask each other for assistance whether they are looking for buyers or sellers in particular areas.  Remember, when you are selling a property, chances are you are looking to buy another home close by or in a new area altogether.

Free advice from prominent estate agents

Seasoned estate agents will also give you advice on how to improve the marketability of your home.  In fact, a good property valuation that is always free for residential properties often includes the positive and negative aspects of your property.  Ask for even more input from your estate agent when you meet up with them to discuss your property valuation.  Remember prominent estate agents know what stops a buyer dead in their tracks and that includes, dirty walls, a neglected garden filled with dog poop, broken gutters, and rising damp.

Prominent estate agents hold your hand through the process

Your house sales agent should be able to take potential buyers to your property during the day to view your property.  Their safety is as important as the safety of your property and you can use your agent effectively by empowering them to bring buyers to your home.

Getting an offer to purchase or “OTP” is exciting.  Every offer should be conveyed to you, the Seller.  As the owner, you have the final say in terms of whether you accept the offer or not.  But this is often where the trouble starts.  Buyers often don’t have a clue what they qualify for in terms of the size home loan.

Where things become not-interesting is helping the potential buyer to obtain finance to buy your home.  This is where the rubber hits the road and this is where an experienced estate agent is invaluable.  A seasoned agent will work closely with mortgage originators to help their buyers get the finance they need to buy your home.  Any good agent will continue marketing your property even if it seems like the property has been sold, because, deals fall through more often than not.  Buyers often don’t have a clue what they actually qualify for in terms of a home loan.

The property transfer process is not difficult to navigate, but there are all sorts of things to take into consideration.  There are rates clearance certificates, COC’s and more.  Your house sales agent will know when to push forward at each step of the process giving you time to live your life.

Estate agent commission

Commission ranges from about 5% – 7% or thereabouts.  Many agents will not negotiate on this aspect, especially the seasoned agents that will be worth every cent of the commission they earn.  Don’t be afraid to ask your house sales agent how negotiable they are on commission.

How can we help find a top house sales agent?

EA Connections is all about knowing who the prominent estate agents are.  That goes for the agencies themselves and also the agents that work for prominent brands.  We only cover Johannesburg, Midrand, and Pretoria for now and we have kept our operation small and tight to ensure that we do meet with our business partners face to face.  You see we don’t send strangers to your doorstep.  Let us send well-known brands that have a successful track record.  We’ll send you house sales agents that we would have in our homes any day of the week.  Knowing, supporting and agreeing with the business and service ethics that go with each of these brands is important to us.  We will not recommend a real estate company if we don’t understand these elements.

So, click here to enter your details online.  We will contact you almost immediately.  And that’s to understand which agency will be the best for you given our knowledge of their operations. We ant to pair you with the right agent in your area.  We are here to help you connect fast so that you can sell fast and for the best price possible.  Visit our website for more info and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

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