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Partner with top local real estate agents

Partner With Top Local Real Estate Agents

Partnering with a top local real estate agent is critical to you selling your home.  In short, today we cover a few things to think about before you sign on the dotted line and appoint the first local real estate agent you meet, to sell your home.

Being the best local real estate agent is actually all about

  • Listening to your concerns as a seller.
  • Knowing the current market.
  • Knowing the area in which you are selling.
  • An agent being able to price council an over-zealous seller.  Price it right and it will sell overnight, price it wrong and it will take long.
  • Understanding market-related pricing and getting the listing price right.

Being the best local real estate agent is not about

The 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule applies to real estate as well.  There is a good saying that proves this, “20% of all the local real estate agents, do 80% of all the business.  Your goal when you are looking for the best local real estate agent is to find someone in the 20% group, outlined here.

In reality, the internet is such a handy tool, especially if you type in your search request on Google.  The reality is that is a flash, Google delivers search results that allow you to get started on your search to find a good local real estate professional.  Moreover, just because an agent is working for a top brand that pays millions to get their brand ‘out there’, does not make them a high quality local real estate professional.

Research helps

Look at who is active in your area.  Google these sites and check out profiles online.  Look at the experience of an estate agent, but don’t rule out newbies.  Intern Agents often have more time and relate to better service and communication.  Just because you are looking for a well-known brand online, does not mean the agent you could find will be half good.  The market conditions in the real estate business have been tough.  Top performers get fed up with the politics that go with working for some of the bigger brands.  Many leave to start their own businesses or work for smaller concerns with less rigid policies and more flexibility.  In other words, the smaller brands often do amazing work and go hand in hand with good service and excellent sales results.

Pay attention to the local real estate agent signboards

Make a mental note of how long a “for sale” sign is placed on a pavement in your neighbourhood.  To clarify, a faster sale may be a better indication that the agent is good at what they do.

Staff turnover in big agencies

There is a huge turnover in the real estate industry, and statistics show the number of active real estate agents falls and rises with our economic times.  Meanwhile, when the market is good, and sellers and buyers are optimistic the number of active local real estate agents climbs.  As a result, the flow is dynamic though because as older agents leave, the newer agents join the industry.

75% of agents don’t have enough experience

And that’s a fact.  Approximately 3 out of every 4 local real estate agents don’t have enough experience and will probably never gain enough experience to develop themselves into the professionals they need to be.  Subsequently, local real estate agents all go through the University of Life and most will learn on the job.

Ask for recommendations

The best way to track down a good agent that can sell a property fast and offer superb service at the same time is to ask around.  Most importantly, your friends and family and colleagues from work are the best influencers to ask.

Partner with the best local real estate agents

EA Connections is all about helping you to connect with the top local real estate agents or property professionals in your area. We have gotten to know who the brands are that we would work with on a personal level.  Also, an estate agency is like no other business you will find.  Most importantly, an outstanding sales manager could manage up to 80 staff in a big real estate concern.  And these sales managers are really, really, really good at what they do.  They motivate, inspire, support, and mentor their agents and help them to lift their game. A good sales manager can spot a bad habit or a lazy estate agent a mile away and they can also spot potential from 100 yards.

We make it our mission to:

  • We make it our mission to seek out the very best real estate brands and for different reasons.
  • And, we know their business ethics, we understand their service delivery.
  • In addition, we know what testimonials they get from happy sellers and buyers.
  • How well an agency is connected is well understood..
  • We know how good an agency is at selling property and how experienced the leadership is.
  • Understanding closing sales ratios is something we discuss openly.
  • On the other hand, we understand what business an agency will walk away from.
  • Above, all, we know the Principals, we know the Sales Manager and that often says a great deal about the local real estate agents they will allow to work under their brand.

Moreover, we take what we do very seriously.  Remember we are independent.  We don’t have agents of our own.  We will know within seconds of talking to you on the phone if you are selling who the best agency or the best agent is that you should be working with.  In addition, we know our business partners and understanding how they operate.

You see, we refer you to the best brands and their best agents and as we outlined above, a good referral is the only way to go.  A personal recommendation from a friend, a family member of a colleague is the very best way to go about partnering with the best local real estate professional to sell your home.  In summary, we can refer you to the very best local real estate professionals in your area.

All you need to do is:

We will help you sell your home, “fast and for the best possible price” will contact you the same day, depending.  We know the property market.  And we know who the leading real estate brand is in your area.  Not because they are the biggest or spend the most money on marketing.  Finally, we know, right down to an agency’s track record and the quality of their agents, who would be best to help you sell your home.

Don’t delay, let us help you connect with the very best local real estate agent in your area today.  Therefore, we help you connect with top agents today!

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