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Looking for estate agents in Springs

Looking For Estate Agents In Springs

Are you looking for registered estate agents in Springs to help you sell your home?  Are you wondering why properties in Springs are just not selling?

The numbers state that only 30% – 35% of all properties that go on the market in a calendar year, actually get sold.  And, the properties that do get sold, normally sell for 9% less than the asking price.  That’s a fact according to the recent FNB Property Survey.

Why are properties in Springs not selling?

  1. Overpriced: First of all, the main reason that properties don’t sell is that they may be overpriced. 3 independent property valuations will help you understand market-related pricing for your property.
  2. Supply versus demand: Would you say that supply exceeds demand?  Are there are more homes on the market than there are serious buyers?  Do any of the properties stand out more than the others?  Make sure to read our articles on the benefits of home staging.
  3. Location, location, location: So, a property that does not have a good location should be priced to account for this?  Remember the asking price is your number 1 reason for a property not selling.
  4. Condition of the properties?  If you know your property needs work perhaps consider taking your property off the market, fix it up a little then put it back on the market.  Buyers and estate agents just love fresh new stock.
  5. Spent too much on upgrades?  This could mean you have overcapitalised.  In this case, renting your home out may be a viable option to consider if your home is not selling.
  6. A tough SA economy.  We know the challenges.  Emigration has spiked, unemployment is high.  But we still choose to live here. We remain optimistic and trust that the leadership of our country will come through for us.
  7. Security is paramount.  Furthermore, we have noticed that loads more freestanding properties are going onto the market, but that the flats and apartments are selling quicker faster.
  8. Finally, open mandates often result in poorly executed marketing and sales actions.  Sellers are often overzealous about opening up the sale of their property with an open mandate.  A fully engaged and fully invested agent will always have your best interests at heart.  It’s all about the quality of the photos.  If the photos are bad and the lighting poor, you have lost your battle before you even begin.

How many homes are up for sale in Springs?

For starters in the Springs area, there are just over 2,000 properties on the market according to P24.

  • Freestanding homes make up 85% of the properties on the market at the moment (1,733).
  • Apartments make up  8% of the properties on the market at the moment (160).
  • Townhouses make up 7% of the properties on the market at the moment (150).

Who’s buying the properties in Springs?

P24 has confirmed what demographic group is buying property in Springs and it’s the 35+ age group.  It’s true!  These numbers bear some careful consideration if you are selling your home and you are in the 65+ bracket. Does your home still look modern?  Do you have a fresh, clean look that will really appeal to a wide range of potential buyers?  We cover some high-level topics associated with home staging to include decluttering, kitchens that sell homes and bathrooms that impress potential buyers.

Exposing the benefits of home staging:

  • Sell your home faster – especially if it stands out from the rest.
  • Sell your home for the full asking price – that would be a big win.

What options do you have as a Seller in the Springs area?

  • Honestly, you need to know that if the asking price is right, your home will sell.   For that reason, if you know your asking price is possibly a tad too aggressive then you must fix it.
  • How about withdrawing from the market for a bit? Buy yourself some time to get your home looking fantastic.  Try home staging to really get your home to stand out and have fun doing it.
  • Time to rent your property out or not? If it’s practical, viable, logistically capable this may be a really good long term game for you.

Looking for estate agents in Springs to sell your home?

We bring you not just 1 but 3 prominent estate agents in Springs because we believe in the power of 3, because:

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