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Looking for estate agents near me in Honeydew

Looking For Estate Agents Near Me In Honeydew

Looking for Estate Agents near you in the Honeydew area because you want to sell your home? Do you need to connect with the most prominent Estate Agents near you?  There are over 90 active Estate Agencies operating in the Honeydew area. We estimate that there are well over 1,350 Estate Agents in Honeydew that actively work in this area.  Finding the right partner will be a little like finding a little needle in a haystack.

We will connect you at no charge to not just 1 but 3 of the most prominent Estate Agents in the Honeydew area.  Our solution is not aligned to any specific Agency or brand, meaning we are operating independently.    It’s hard to partner with the right agents – we know that 1st-hand.  We understand first-hand the benefits and pitfalls of sole versus open mandates.  And, we also understand that when you do go at this alone, you may often end up settling for 2nd best and you most certainly run out of energy after you have found 1 agent to work with.

Our solution is:

  • FREE to connect,
  • It is much faster than doing it alone (save time and money phoning around),
  • It’s reliable if your area is covered and Agents are waiting to connect?
  • It’s already working across South Africa.

The number of bedrooms determines your asking price

It’s a rule of thumb that the number of bedrooms in a dwelling affects the asking price of your home according to P24.  We have considered carefully, in the Honeydew area just how much this will impact the asking price.  We have kept it within a more popular variation like 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms.

It’s amazing to have a look at what the difference in the average asking price for a property is when looking at the numbers on this level.

  • A modest 2 bedroom home has an average asking price of R627,972.
  • The sought after 3 bedroom home has an average asking price of R1.3m.
  • A bigger than normal 4 bedroom home has an average asking price of R2.9m.
  • And a spacious 5 bedroom home has an average asking price of R5.5m.

Properties are on the market in Honeydew at the moment?

Even although we speak liberally, about the Buyer’s market, irrespective of the market, homes will always need to be sold and new homes bought. It may take longer to sell in a Buyer’s market in Honeydew, but your home will eventually sell.  Even in a tough market, according to P24, there are a whopping 90 homes on the market in Honeydew at the moment.

How do you find an Estate Agent near you in Honeydew?

Well, the Internet has changed our lives for the better and for good and it’s easier than ever to find an Estate Agent online.  You can type in any question on Google and within milliseconds; Google comes back with not just one but in this case 341,000 results.  We did a quick search for “Estate Agents in Honeydew” and look at what we found (see below)!  There were a staggering 341,000 search results.  Partnering with the very best Estate Agent to sell your home is hard at the best of time, but when you have 341,000 search results to go through it’s going to take you quite a bit of time to find the right Agency to phone and why.  For the record, this search result was run on the 30th of July 2019 and by early August 2019, this number will be well north of 341,000.

Looking for an Estate Agent near you in Honeydew?

There are over 90 Estate Agencies actively working in the greater Honeydew area.  So, choosing the very best Estate Agent to sell your home could end up being a bit of a challenge.  And, your home is a big asset.  Consider how much you have paid for your home including the interest you have paid.  For this reason “you really should get more than one agent involved in the early stages of selling your home”.

Speak to all the prominent Estate Agents that we send your way.  Listen to all the differences, big or small in their value propositions.  You will find nuggets of gold in each of their offerings.  There are benefits to working with the bigger more well-known brands, but there are equally good benefits to working with some of the smaller agencies in your area.

Remember when you are selling your home, asking price is your most important decision.  Next comes the decision about which mandate you choose to sign.

The process to sell your home normally starts with a FREE property valuation. Spend as much time as you need with the Agents to agree on the right asking price and understand the merits of a sole mandate versus an open mandate.  Remember the decision about who to partner with and why it is 100% your choice.  And remember we unashamedly and without reservation, support and recommend a sole mandate.

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