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Selling your home – try home staging

Selling Your Home – Try Home Staging


Are you selling your home in a buyer’s market?  Consider home staging.  Does home staging work to sell a home?  Yes, it does.  According to Fin24 and US-based research home staging will help to sell your home for a really good if not full asking price and quickly too.  his is just the coolest process, that adds a smidgen of cost to selling your home, but the cost is well worth it if you think there is a chance you could sell for the full asking price.  Also, home staging has been known to help Sellers sell very fast too. If you are selling your home in a buyer’s market, we have some tips to help if you are selling your home in a Buyer’s market.

Why not try home staging

Can home staging really help when you are selling your home?  The answer is yes!  The reasons for these results are obvious.  Those people who are gifted with an eye for design are often able to help people like me, for example, to really pull a look together on a shoestring budget.  Often it’s surprising at just how a small change in décor can have on creating an amazing look for a room or a home.

How does it work

If you are selling your home you may want to start sooner rather than later.  Often this process normally starts before the photographer who comes in to take photos of your home.  The process could last until you’ve sold your home and have signed on the dotted line.

The process normally starts with a Skype or Video call to a home staging specialist in your area.  This is normally charged to the Seller at a rate per hour.  Home stagers don’t usually sell furniture but will have agreements in place with other service providers to supply furniture if need be.  Normally though, home stagers will provide décor and would charge for the rental of their décor, and the time frame for this these items are required and depending on your specific requirements.  It would be a good idea to Google home staging specialists in your area and get an indication of the costs and the services on offer from more than one home stager.

Could it work for home improvements or renovations

I have also thought it could be a good idea to get a home staging expert involved when I am eventually able to make some improvements to our family home?  I would love some input to help with creating a more desirable living space that’s practical and looks great.  And, especially for the big things that cost more like floor coverings, paintwork, tiles, etc.  I need a good foundation from which to work from.

Useful resources

There are also loads of resources that you can use to do your research which include

  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • FaceBook and
  • Instagram

What is Hygge

Google Hygge… and marvel at the pictures – they are gorgeous and will quite possibly make you want to make more of an effort for dinner tonight.  Hygge is a source of great inspiration to you if you are wanting to try your hand at home staging yourself.

Hygge is a Danish term and it’s all about creating memories, inside and out, with the people you love and cherish.  It starts at home and this Hygge feeling is able to permeate into all facets of your life.  Hygge is known to improve happiness and wellbeing.  You will marvel at the gorgeous atmospheres you will see online.  Create that Hygge feeling with minimal effort and a few extra bucks.  It’s about the whole experience and this includes the textures you see and feel, smells, the lighting (add candles) and it’s what you feel and then remember from that moment.  Ahh, that was fun, but, back to reality.

Selling your home in a buyer’s market

Most areas and suburbs across SA, are in the midst of a buyer’s market.  A buyer’s market is a tough market if you are selling.  It may be better if you are buying.  But, if you are selling and buying trust us this could be a tough time.  Essentially, there are more homes on the market and for sale than there are buyers.  This means that in order to sell your home, you should help your home to stand out from the rest of the properties that are also on the market and certainly within the same price range.  Folks, your neighbours home that is also on the market is your competition.  The other homes that have boards on their pavements and it’s the other listings on all the major portals and glossy magazines or newspaper inserts that are your competition.

Selling your home

If you are selling your home, then you already know that estate agents are prolific in any area or suburb of SA.  Just google estate agents near me.   I got over 1 million search results and that’s just astounding because I live in the Randburg area.

And, finding an estate agent online has never been easier and we have Google to thank for that.  We will connect you with up to 3 of the most prominent agents in the Blouberg area and within minutes.  If you are selling your home in Blouberg let us help.  Let us connect you within minutes to 3 of the most prominent Agents.  It’s free to connect.  We operate independently and we are not on anyone’s payroll.  We earn no commission.  And we know just how tiresome it can be to connect with 3 estate agents.  We recommend you start discussions with 3 Agents.  Because, your home is your biggest asset and you’ve paid an arm and a leg for it (interest, and all).  We take the pain out of connecting with more than 1 Agent.  We bring you prominent Agents who are all hungry for the right to sell your home.

So if you are selling your home, simply enter your details online and start getting calls within minutes.

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